Heather and I met at my album release show at the Skylark in West Seattle. Immediately we knew we were destined to work with each other. Heather and I formed a partnership a couple months after meeting and these images are just a piece of the ongoing project Heather and I are creating. The images here belong to her Instagram project and are essential to boost the quality of her account.

After conceptualizing and executing our shoot, I took the images to the studio and began processing. I had originally processed the images to reflect Heather's fun and energetic attitude; you can see the before and after below. After sending her the first look she asked for a “moodier feel,” I had to think about this one quite a bit as “moodier” isn’t my typical style. I decided to start with the contrast to give the image less of a pop and more a more subtle feel. From there I used  cross processing to give a  image a more reminiscent tone. It was crucial that the image still maintained the full dynamic range and didn’t get too dark. I used this image’s post edit as a reference for the other images in the series.