When I heard Mia perform at GrumpyD's in Ballard, I couldn't believe what I was hearing! A 14 year old musician who sounds like a Top-40 artist, sharp lyrics and an intense, but bubbly, stage presence. I quickly reached out to her asking to hear more of her music, what followed was a partnership, mentorship, and friendship between us.

A few months went by until Mia came to me asking for advice on how to best sell and release her upcoming album, Years. We discussed imagery, marketing, and hype until she had the basics worked out, then she asked me to create what we discussed. We negotiated a price and went to work!


Mia's self titled album, Years laid the groundwork for the imagery. She wanted artwork that showcased what her music spoke, a young woman wise beyond her years. We discussed all sorts of props and settings until we came up with the idea of a vintage living-room. From here she wanted to play into the idea that she was a Pacific Northwest Artist, we were quick to come up with the outdoor setting.

We set a date and went to shoot. Hauling all sorts of miscellaneous props into the middle of the woods, we found our spot nestled in the Washington Arboretum. We spent about 2 hours shooting a few different looks and ideas in the early morning to capture a serene feel. Once we had the shots we trekked out back the way we came leaving no trace on the trees or bush.


Her single was the first to release, this meant that the composite image had to be done first. It was challenging getting the exposure perfectly correct as the natural lighting had changed a fair amount, once it was set though it was just a matter of putting the piece in the puzzle.

The tone of the image came from how I view the PNW, I decided to dodge the trees to keep the image warm and add a little fog in the background to add a bit more depth to the image. From there I added the film grain effect to give it the finishing touches to that vintage look.

The rest of the artwork follows a similar format to keep a consistency for her brand. The added text on the album is all her handwriting giving it a personal touch as well.