Janet and I have known each other for quite sometime and when she came to me seeking photos, I was more than happy to capture her french cabaret band! We started discussing the imagery she had in mind and went to work on finding a location that had that french feel that a cabaret band needs. It was difficult to find such a spot in the city of Seattle, but we ultimately decided on an alley near the Pike Place Market. We agreed on the images, details, and shoot date and soon were hauling instruments a plenty to the location.

We started shooting early at 8am to avoid the crowded market, but soon a small crowd gathered nearby to watch the trio make fun of themselves posing for the camera. This of course escalated the energy of Rouge making their expressions even more genuine. Over the next hour we worked through a few different poses and placement. Once we exhausted all possible combinations in our head we called it a day and grabbed a cup of coffee before taking off.

After editing and color correcting the images, I sent them to Rouge for selection. From here the images we’re processed and since they were to be used both online and in print, crop guidelines were necessary. Rouge received 24 images total, 12 for print media and 12 uncropped.