Vera Project

After hearing word that the Vera Project was fundraising I reached out to see if photography was needed. After coming to a trade agreement we discussed the focus of the photography and found the details of what they wanted to showcase. I needed to capture 4 different focal points within the 12 images they ordered; the crowd, the bands, the speakers, and the energy of the night.

The Vera Project is a great venue to shoot due to the amount of access they give the photographer. As a band photographer it is sometimes crucial to take the stage with the band and capture the energy where the energy happens. I made sure to get off a few shots of the band from a rare vantage point and as a musician myself I understand how to avoid upstaging the musicians and how to stay out of the way. The catwalk, greenroom, and backstage we’re available to me as well ensuring I had the spaces to capture the best shot.

After shooting I took the images to edit and process then sent the final images off to The Vera Project.