Free Range Revival, the band is about as folk as they get. After seeing another project of mine, Susan from the group, reached out asking if I did video. I showed her some of my previous work and soon we we’re discussing the inner workings of the film. Susan was seeking a way to showcase her band for booking and their fans alike. As she was in the studio at the time we agreed that a studio music video would be the best course of action. We explored some ideas and decided to focus solely on the musicians and ignore the ‘behind the scenes’ such as the sound board, the engineer and producer.

Our shooting time was originally planned for two days as only a few musicians were able to make the first day. The first day I focused almost exclusively on one type of shot, the close up. Susan liked the idea of close ups and so we decided to prioritize close ups mixed in with some wide shots. The second day I was to be focusing on the wide shots along with the missing members of the band. However, a few members of the group fell I’ll and after rescheduling multiple times in hopes that everyone would be healthy, we eventually cancelled the second shoot day and I had to make due with the shots I had.

Susan and I went back to the story board and discussed the revised movie, I expressed my concerns and explained that the final film will look similar, but not like the the original idea. After agreeing to the revised version I took on the challenging task of editing the film with the missing musicians and footage. Overall the project took two months to complete with rescheduling and some extended editing time.