I have to say, this was the most excruciatingly intense project that I was ever hired to do, yet every aching moment was beyond superb!

Kavazabava is a gypsy band from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. I got involved with them after walking by their guerilla style jam session they we're throwing in the park. I jammed with them that day and soon was inducted into the gypsy lifestyle. A year went by and tour was looming on the horizon, I offered to capture our time spent on the road and showcase our adventures to the world.

What followed was intensity beyond belief. A goal of mine when touring is to release and share as the band travels. This means a typical day looks like this...

Wake up before everyone, eat, open the laptop and start editing images and/or footage from the night before. Typically I'm shooting about 1500 images a night for both the concert and documentary of the band, not including shots during the day. This takes most of the morning, then the band wakes. I pack my bags as their waking and begin processing images readying them for upload. About an hour before the engine revs and we head to the next town I publish the images everywhere from the night before.

Once in the vehicle, I'll begin editing footage while capturing anything of interest in between rendering. I typically have the film ready to export once we reach the next town and upload it once we're there. We grab dinner, then I grab my camera and head to the venue. The band readies themselves for the show and I take a look at the venue asking what would play best, video or photos. I start shooting once I know the space and have my ideas laid out.

I'll shoot before and during the show to capture a story of not only the music, but the members themselves. After the show is done I pack up my gear, climb into the van, and upload/organize the footage. Once we get to our crash-pads, I take priority to plug everything in and ready myself for the next day.