Claire Michelle is in tune with her clientele. An extremely dedicated and self motivated person, she will work tirelessly to ensure that you’re satisfied with the end result. Her excellence has brought her to great heights while her determination has given her more opportunities at 25 than most life-long career types.

Her previous work experience has put her front and center with advertising and creative agencies. Claire’s patience makes her an excellent teacher and mentor to many individuals in Seattle and across the United StatesShe has worked in all facets of the photography field with everything from Production Assistant to Associate Producer. She has lead teams of people both on and off set and is professional and communicative to ensure transparency and productivity.

Her personal brand, Claire Michelle, has over 10,000 fans from across the globe, she has discussed hot political topics on live Seattle radio, and her music has been featured on local station, KING 5. She has walked the runway in Seattle Fashion Week and has produced successful album release shows for both herself and her clientele.

Claire thrives for opportunity and when you provide her with it, you’ll find yourself asking for her time and time again.